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We had two weddings...

So after yesterdays press coverage of the infamous interview with Harry and Meghan I have seen a lot of comments and speculation about the validity of the couples "secret wedding" the day before their grand royal wedding.

As an Independent celebrant it's important to me that couples understand there is no right or wrong way to get married. Your wedding ceremony and the day you get married is whenever you feel married.

The definition of "married" might be thats it's a legal process, but we have evolved so much as humans since the introduction of marriage and marriage is much more to us than a legal piece of paper.

How do you think couples committed to each other centuries ago? That's right, with a symbolic union celebrating their love.

Your wedding day and your marriage is unique to you, and you are free to do it in any way you damn well please!

Here a few real life examples from couples who have chosen to enjoy two wedding ceremonies.

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