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Can I include religious content?

Religion in weddings is a hot topic these days!


Church weddings are at an all time low, Humanist's weddings are becoming increasingly popular , but what if you're somewhere in the middle? 


As an Independent Celebrant I am free to include religion in my ceremonies if the couple request it, although many of my couples identify as non religious and instead choose to focus on the relationships and love between themselves and their family. 

If you would like to include religious elements, blend two or more religions together, or even choose a spiritual, pagan, or wiccan style ceremony I will work you to create something you LOVE! 


I often get requests from couples who come from two different religious backgrounds and want a ceremony that somehow combines elements of both into something truly unique and meaningful to them.  


Can I get married outside?


Of course!!!

Outdoor ceremonies are becoming increasing popular, despite the English weather and are quickly becoming my favourite kind of ceremony! 

Barns, Tipi's, Marquees, even set amongst the woodlands or by a lake. 

With a Celebrant led ceremony every location is a potential wedding venue. 

Any location you find can be the perfect place for a wedding ceremony. 

A garden, a waterfall, the woodland, on top of a cliff, at your favourite pub, even on the beach! 

What's the difference between a

Celebrant and  a Registrar?

Registrar-led services involve standard wedding scripts, with limited choices.


You will not meet your registrar until the ceremony itself. The service is usually very short, and slotted in amongst many others during their busy day. 


You are also restricted to having your service in a licensed wedding venue.

With a Celebrant, you will have a personalised service throughout. You will meet your Celebrant before, and be in contact throughout. You have the freedom to decide on the content, time and location of your service as well as a rehearsal beforehand.


On the day, your Celebrant will be there to fully support you, giving you complete flexibility with your ceremony.

Is it a legally binding ceremony?

A celebrant-led ceremony is separate to any legal formalities so you are free to fulfil your dream ceremony, creating personal memories that will last a lifetime.


To make it legally binding, you will attend the Registry Office before or after your ceremony to sign the licence. Most couples choose to do this the day before for a small cost of around £40. 

Think of it like signing the birth certificate for you child and then having a huge a birthday party, or naming ceremony. The celebration is the day of the ceremony, not of the day you sign the forms. 

There are lots more reasons to choose a wedding celebrant, to find out if it's the right choice for you and your ceremony please...



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