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A personal service for a difficult time 

If you've lost a loved one and you're looking for someone to create a bespoke funeral

and deliver a service that is an authentic reflection of them I would love to help. 

How it works? 

Tell your funeral director you would like me to be your celebrant and they will get in touch with me when choosing a funeral date and time. 

I'll then come visit you in your home and we will have a cuppa tea whilst you tell me about your much loved family member. 

I'll ask lots of questions about their personality, their life and plan arrangements for the service itself before going away and writing a service that is completely unique and celebrates and honours their life. 

I will help you choose appropriate music, readings, poems and liase with other family member to capture more stories and memories that we can reflect on during the service. 

You may choose to include religion, family traditions, football chants

or music that they loved. Absolutely anything goes! 

Celebrate their life and say goodbye in a way they would have loved. 

All ceremonies include; 

  • Initial Family visit 

  • Unlimited phone calls, emails, etc to organise the service

  • Up to 3 drafts of funeral service script 

  • Assistance with choosing music, readings, poems. 

  • Delivery of the service on the day of funeral 


Cost £230 within Lancashire  

Kind Words

"Hazel was a celebrant at my amazing Gran’s funeral during this exceptionally difficult time. Hazel was wonderful and I couldn’t have wished for anyone else to conduct the service!


The limited family that we were allowed to have all complemented Hazel’s lovely mannerisms and how she made the sad situation feel a happy one through her sparkly, infectious personality.


When Hazel made her pre-visit to discuss the eulogy, she made us feel at ease and was extremely compassionate.

Thank you Hazel for being a fabulous celebrant who I would recommend to anyone"



"I couldn't thank hazel enough or recommend her enough my mum sadly passed away at the end of July I was absolutely heart broke my head was all over the place I was petrified that I wouldn't give her the send off she deserves but hazel stepped in and totally saved me.


She was so kind and welcoming the moment we spoke she made me feel at ease and things went so smoothly the end result was amazing I couldn't have spoke about my mum any better.


I will never forget what Hazel did when I couldn't. I'm forever grateful I will definitely use her in the future hopefully it will be for happier times. Thank you Hazel so much.

It really did mean the world to me that you gave my mum the send off she deserved"


"I would like to thank Hazel once again for leading such a beautiful and very emotional funeral for the love of my life who sadly passed away last week, Hazel made it extra special by meeting my husband as well as our family and gave out such an amazing reading it was truly perfect in every way!


You did Chris proud and all of us as a family"



To discuss your funeral ceremony please drop me an email

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