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Sustainable Wedding Solutions

Sustainability isn't just a major wedding trend for 2021 but something we all need to start thinking more about when we plan events.

With venues starting to adopt more eco friendly procedures such as no plastic straws or glasses and couples choosing more environmentally friendly menus or suppliers is it time that we really consider sustainability in many more aspects of a modern wedding?

1 - Limit your stationary

Whilst wedding invitations are often bespoke pieces of art beautifully hand crafted for your guests sending out 100 + invitations, rsvp cards, and more isn't the most eco friendly way to inform your guests of your pending nuptials.

Many eco conscious couples are now choosing to send their invites digitally, either by having a designer create one knock out digital invite, or by using apps such as Joy to allow their guests to respond digitally and even to see regular updates about the wedding such as bridal party, officiant, and even directions or accomodation nearby.

2 - Forget wedding favours

Individual favours are still very common at receptions, but often they get left behind by guests who have enjoyed a few too many champagnes or they're taken home and later disposed of.

Consider a small donation to a charity for each guest as a favour, or a hand written personalised poem instead of something material.

Mini sachets of seeds or a unique blend of tea can also be cute.

No one wants yet another jar of sugared almonds!

3 - Upcycle decorations

Instead of buying everything new consider attending wedding markets or hunting for bargain decorations online. Many couples sell their wedding decor after the big day and you can save money and help the environment by choosing to re use someone else's decorations for your own celebrations.

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