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Small Weddings don't have to suck

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

News just in, wedding ceremonies and receptions for up to 30 people have been given the go ahead from August 1st.

If you've previously been planning a big white wedding with over 100 guests you may feel disappointed that your dream wedding has been ruined and you have to quickly adjust and make new plans.

I'm here to help you see that bigger doesn't always equal better and that a small wedding might just be the wedding you've always wanted but never dared to have.

So what are the benefits of a small wedding?

1 - The price

Let's start with the obvious. The average UK wedding now costs just over £15k and the majority of the expense is due to the reception. Drinks for your guests and a buffet of delicious food soon adds up, and it's worth asking yourself if you really see the value in buying your old work mate and his wife you've never met a three course gourmet meal with wine or if you could invest that money into something more useful as a couple such as a deposit for your first home, or funds towards the honeymoon of your dreams.

Personally I think that post Covid 19 smaller ceremonies will become the norm as couples realise what's really important when it comes to their wedding day.

2 - Less stress

Many couples say that planning their wedding was one of the most stressful periods of their life, coming closely behind moving house. As the guest list grows so does the amount of stress you're likely to feel as a couple as you try ensure everything is perfect for your family and friends. A smaller guest list also ensures you are able to tailor the event to your guests better for instance choosing an evening ceremony to fit in with families work schedules or enjoying a BBQ rather than sit down meal to allow family to mingle.

3 - A more personal and intimate atmosphere

A smaller guest list means every one who makes the cut has a close relationship with you and your partner and the whole day feels much more intimate. Less guests also enables you to be more creative with your wedding plans, for go seperate tables for one long dining table Harry potter style so all your guests can chat and celebrate together. Create a circle of chairs around the couple for the ceremony or even get the guests involved with a hand fasting, ribbon cutting or have family and friends create cute DIY favours during the reception.

4 - New venues to consider

When you reduce your guest list from 150 to 30 your venue requirements are very different and your options of where to host your wedding become more varied.

Consider your favourite local pub, the back garden of a family member, the restaurant you visited on your first date, or even your local park.

Choosing a unique venue is just one way to ensure you really inject your personality and creativity into your wedding celebrations.

5 - Spend more time with those you love

Ask any couple for their best advice when planning a wedding and I guarantee they will tell you to enjoy every moment as the day passes so quickly.

With hundreds of guests it's a challenge to spend any real time chatting to each guest and it's easy to become overwhelmed. By downsizing the guest list you automatically increase the length of time and attention you can give to each of your guests, creating a much more relaxed and informal celebration.

Of course no one can tell you how to plan your own wedding so if a big wedding really is your dream, then don't let waiting another 12 months hold you back. But if the thought of postponing again and another 12 months of stress just seems too much trouble then a smaller celebration may be the answer to all your troubles.

If you're planning a small and simple wedding in August and Sep 2020 I am offering a handful of couples a sweet, simple ceremony for a reduced fee of just £450.

These are only available during this period and will be tailored to you and your partner.

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