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My Forever Valentine

When I first met Stu & Adele they were enjoying a glass of champagne in a state of shock as they celebrated winning a one of a kind wedding at Stirk House in the Gisburne, the heart of the Lancashire countryside.

"I never thought any thing of it" Stu told me about the Instagram competition that he had entered, "but obviously we're thrilled.

It's been an emotional rollercoaster getting to this point".

In late 2019 many families and couples lost out financially and emotionally when Thomas Cook folded without warning. For Adele and Stu, that meant losing their dream wedding in Mexico and their hearts were crushed.

Thankfully Stirk House, myself and a whole host of amazing suppliers stepped up to create that perfect white wedding for this happy couple and their blended family.

Having a Celebrant led ceremony gave this couple and their family the chance to tell their unique love story, filled with sweet memories and the odd tale of disaster.

Take for instance their first holiday when Stu suffered sun stroke and his new girlfriend Adele spent her evening smothering him in Greek yoghurt to ease the pain!

Oh how they laughed, and thankfully still do.

Their relationship thrives because they both don't life too seriously.

They enjoy fun adventures together, they make each other laugh, and they enjoy every moment they spend together, never taking each other for granted.

When it came to the vows the couple chose to write their own, needing very little help from myself.

Adele's promises included :

*Making Stu bacon sandwiches when he is hungover.

*Not stealing his food and drink or hitting him too hard when she snores loudly every night.

*Finally she promised to still pinch his bottom when he's old and wrinkly.

If that's not true love right there, I don't know what is!

Stu made promises of his own, including promising to let his new wife win during an argument, and still loving her even when she won't let him watch the football!

Romance wasn't quite in the air this February 14th, but Storm Dennis was, leaving photographer Peter Anslow to get creative when it came to capturing fantastic shots of their day.

I think you'll agree he did them proud!

After many happy years together I know that married life won't change this down to earth pair and their lively family.

As long as they have love and laughter, they'll enjoy their own happy ever after.

Congrats Adele & Stu.

It was certainly a day to remember.

Suppliers :

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