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Beth & Ben

Beth & Ben actually met on Tinder in 2015, they both decided the other was worthy of a right swipe. Beth could tell from his photos, which were mostly of him pulling weird faces that Ben had a sense of humour and they would likely get along well.

They talked for a bit and Ben asked Beth to meet up. She had been tempted to ask him the same, but she was relieved when he made the first move. They met up at Huddersfield Train Station and went to a bar near the university for a drink.

Somehow during the first drink the topic of conversation turned to ice cream and the pair decided to drive to Beth’s favourite ice cream shop. Beth hadn’t been driving long and on the way Beth turned right despite the sat-nav telling her to turn left, which prompted Ben to ask if she was kidnapping him and the pair laughed and relaxed more into each other's company.

The Ice cream turned into a KFC dinner together, and then a movie at Beth’s flat and the whole day just felt so effortless and natural. So much so that when they said goodbye much that evening they arranged to meet again the next day and head into Leeds.

Beth told me “Ben was tall, handsome and he had gorgeous eyes and hair better than mine. I was immediately attracted to him, even more so when I realised how much we had in common and how much he could make me laugh”

They both thought they were kindred spirits, almost the opposite sex version of each other and perfectly matched, so it’s not suprising that the pair quickly fell in love.

Ben told me “Beth was so nice right from the moment we met. She was super friendly, and of course I couldn't resist her long dark hair, her stunning blue eyes and super cute dimples. I thought she was fit”

Things moved quickly after that initial weekend, within a month they booked their first holiday together, a weekend in Amsterdam, and less than a year after meeting they were moving in together.

It works so well because they’re just stupidly similar people, sometimes freakily so, like when they’re watching TV and they both make the same comment at the exact same time. They always laugh together and at one another and they try not to take life too seriously.

Ben describes Beth as beautiful, funny, interesting and loving. He loves that she only speaks in sarcasm and she has a dark, crude and yet crap sense of humour. Sometimes she can be whingy, annoying, and especially forgetful, but to him Beth is perfect.

After moving in, of course the next step was to adopt a pet, and soon they found Stan. Of course Stan the cat was quickly given his own bedroom featuring a water fountain to drink from and an array of toys to play with.

He is their fur-baby and they even have a family routine for him. Beth does the morning feed and change, litter that is….. and Ben does the night times. Stan is more than happy to be treated like the king of the house, with his slaves catering to his every need.

As much as they adore Stan, they dote on each other too. Beth remembers one time she booked to visit some Owls for their valentines date, but it turns out the place was in Bedford not Bradford. Ben didn’t seem to mind and he patiently drove the three hours to the destination, where they finally got to enjoy the owls, and unfortunately a really crap afternoon tea.

Beth loves that Ben has a romantic and soft side, for one of their anniversaries he recreated their second date as a surprise for Beth, and when she rings him hungover and very worse for wear he will always make the effort to come check on her, and bring supplies to cheer her up.

She tells me Ben is “funny, confident, incredibly thoughtful and not to mention he’s gorgeous!”

They’d already pictured their future together, heck they had committed to a thirty five year mortgage, but Ben thought he’d better seal the deal with a proposal, and their upcoming anniversary trip to Vegas seemed like the perfect opportunity.

Ben told me that Beth is the one person he can be completely himself around. He can talk to Beth about absolutely anything and he loves everything about her. From the shit jokes she tells, to the silly songs they make up about Stanley and even her laugh that turns into a snort. Everything he does is just better because Beth is there with him.

Once settled in Vegas they took a helicopter trip over the Grand Canyon and landed on a rock surrounded by spectacular views. Ben gracefully grabbed the ring from his pocket and I believe the words he said are “Are you gonna marry us then?”

Beth was shocked…. Her immediate response was “Fuck off……really?” Thankfully it was soon followed by a yes.

That evening they celebrated with a fancy meal at Gordon Ramsay's restaurant and pictured their incredible future together.

They pictured more of the amazing times they had already shared. Just two people who didn’t need to be together, but who chose to be together every day. Two people in love, able to cherish their time together but never holding the other back from enjoying their own life as well.

They know there will be plenty more time building lego creations together or watching shit youtube videos and playing far too many video games.

They hope for a life of adventure and more fun times, with their favourite person by their side.

Photos by Matt Sim Photography

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