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Laura & Ian

Updated: Apr 20

The greatest showman has nothing on my recent groom Ian who was escorted down the aisle by two masked gimps, an entrance that absolutely no one could have predicted in their wildest dreams.

The day was filled with unexpected surprises, from the pope turning up to celebrate with the happy couple, to the mad collection of suits on display. ( Thanks Opposuits )

There was no shortage of fun and games at this festival style wedding either with lawn games galore, an old school ice cream van, and a glitter bar to ensure their guests were glammed up and ready to party.

When it came to vows, it's no surprise these two didn't go for traditional. Take a look for yourself....

Ian's Vows

Do you promise to commit your life to Laura? To always make her laugh and smile, to get old and fat together, to always love her almost as much as you love the cats, and to annoy her and only her for the rest of your life?

Laura's Vows

Do you promise to commit your life to Ian? To always put up with his incredibly immature jokes, to try not to complain when you come fourth in his heart to the cats, and his motorbike, to always appreciate his daily try, and to annoy him and only him for the rest of your life?

Somehow they both said I do, but no one could keep a straight face during the exchange of words.

But how did they even meet in the first place?

One evening whilst both drunk on a night out at Napier they were introduced by a mutual friend. They both found the other cute and they spent the evening getting to know one another before heading back to Laura’s, who was still living at home at the time!

The next morning Laura threw Ian in at the deep end and introduced him to her dad and her brother. They got along great and the four of them headed out to a bike show together.

The men over their love of motorbikes so the family seal of approval was a doddle. Laura then met Ian’s family on the way back home and they had no choice but to accept her as one of their own. Laura and Ian spent the next week hanging out every single day, as Ian says “fuelled by plenty of booze and passion”.

That first week was a whirlwind romance, with both of them jumping into their new found passion with both feet. At the end of the week they saw Scott Pilgrim vs the world at the cinema and afterwards they both confessed “they lesbianed each other”...

Laura loved that Ian was driven, determined and lovable despite the fact that he was annoying as *f**k.. She loved his silly childlike sense of humour and that he was as obsessed with cats as she was.

Ian loved that Laura was able to tolerate his constant jokes and his ability to never take anything seriously….and it helped that she had a nice bum too!

It wasn’t long until Ian practically moved into Laura’s mum house with her and the pair were inseparable. They shared the same strange sense of humour and both didn’t take life too seriously so their relationship always felt easy. .

They found a mutual love of going out to eat and also staying in to order a chinese, as well as travelling, especially on Ian’s motorbike on which they have toured most of Europe. They also share a love of rock music, with Ian introducing Laura to a lot of bands that have come to be constantly played in their home now.

Over the years they settled into a routine, both being happy to spend time together, or to spend time doing separate hobbies and complaining to each other that theirs is too loud. The constant meals out and takeaways started to have an impact on the size of their bellies but thankfully their love for each other extends beyond the size of each other’s belly, or bum.

Whilst over the years together they’ve both got older, they’ve both remained their immature, silly selves - constantly laughing and joking and just enjoying life as two best mates - blissfully in love.

They’re a team…and they both agree that no one else would put up with them anyway, so here they are….commiting to annoy each other for the rest of their lives.

It’s been a long time coming... It only took Ian six years and a trip 6,000 miles away from home to finally pop the question.

They had gone to visit Japan for Laura’s 30th and after visiting Mount Fuji Ian chose a balcony on 5th station as the perfect location to accept his fate of being stuck with Laura forever.

Ian finally got down on one knee and of course Laura said Yes.

Not bad for a one-night stand….that went horribly wrong as they both say!

As much as they love to joke and be foolish they both know that at the end of the day they can always rely on each other to be there, no matter what.

Which is why today they stood in front of their family and friends to commit to a life together, sharing a home, a surname and a bank account….sorry Ian!

Venue : Simply Fields Weddings and Events

Photography : Matthew Savage Weddings

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