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14 Ways to propose this Valentines Day

43% of couples say that Valentines day is the day they would choose to propose or like to be proposed to.

So if this Valentines Day is going to be EXTRA special for you, here are a few ways to make that proposal UNFORGETTABLE!

Recreate your first date

Go back to the place you first met, and recreate the spark of that first kiss all over again.

Include your pets ( or kids )

Getting the babies involved in a proposal always makes it that much cuter. Who can resist a fur baby with a ring attached to it's collar? No pets? Use your kids instead!

Make a sign yourself for that extra effort, or buy one here

Say it with balloons.

Balloons are a massive trend for 2019. Include these ideas in your proposal for something really special. Need some ideas? Contact Balloonsmith.

During games night

Organise a games night with your closest friends or family, and pop that question during scrabble. This one might take a little of cheating to get those all important letters.

Go big or go home

For that really magical proposal story, you have to go big!!

Create something special in nature, on the beach, or your favourite date spot.

Just be careful of candles!

Catch them off guard

Not got the budget for a big proposal? Catch them off guard with this proposal mug and a romantic breakfast in bed.

Go Quirky

Why not include a potential wedding venue in your proposal? The Wellbeing Farm have donkeys and llama's who are happy to dress up and help you pop the special question.

Say it with flowers

Suprise that special someone with a delivery of flowers, and have the ring paced inside one of the buds.

In Public

Certain the answer will be yes?? Try a grand romantic gesture and propose in public.

A fancy restaurant, crowded landmark, or major sporting event work well.

Say it with sweets

How about a proposal book?

Propose a toast

Personalised champagne bottle? No problem.

Cosy night in

Order a takeaway and finish with these clever fortune cookies

Down the local

Regulars at a pub quiz?

Arrange with the quiz master for the very last question of the night to be THE question.

If you try any of the above proposal ideas then send me a photo and I'll give you 20% a wedding ceremony for 2019 or 2020!

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